Venue 1

The Chandelier Room

The chandelier room accommodates 40 to 65 people with beautiful chandeliers and elegant decor throughout the venue has two bathrooms and a Buffet room which is separate from the main area and a bar area which is located in The front area .We also have a coat closet located in the back of room we offer party lighting throughout the venue it can change to any color that matches your event
The Crystal Loft
Venue 2

The Crystal Loft

This venue is a beautiful white venue with silver & Crystal accents chandeliers throughout and the venue high vaulted ceilings with a big windows for natural light coming in. We accommodate 10 to 35 people it also includes a Buffet room and a small bar area one bathroom and a wrap around balcony for any of your guest smoking or if you would like to have some fresh air. We also include party lighting to match your event. This venue is perfect for small gatherings.


Our average customer rating is 4.8 / 5
This place is so amazing! Everything was taken care of down to the detail at my mom’s retirement party. The decorations were beautiful and classy. The service was so professional.
Shanna H.
Thank you for such a great experience and the memory created for my niece baby shower. The place is such a cute intimate space with elegant decor. The service was outstanding. Chandelier did not disappoint at all.
Hidalina B.